Bask Steakhouse

Turning a Steakhouse Into a Steakhome

The Situation

When Tim asked for our help to turn his dream into reality, we couldn’t say no. Tim Stevens, owner of From the Earth Brewery in Roswell, Georgia, has been a staple in the Atlanta restaurant scene for several years, and his lifelong dream has always been to open his version of an upscale steakhouse in his local community. Having secured the available space next door, Tim and his wife Lisa requested our help to bring this steakhouse concept to life.

Our Approach

While interviewing the couple, we learned what fueled their vision for this steakhouse and what would ultimately make it completely unique from other steakhouses in north Metro Atlanta. We also talked with the staff, business partners, and longtime patrons of their existing restaurant to learn what is important to them and what makes From the Earth so great.

In addition to interviews, we conducted a deep dive into competitive brands which gave us critical insight that we leveraged when recommending key brand qualities for the new restaurant. Once these brand foundations were agreed upon, we provided name and logo concepts, and a visual direction brought to life by our inspiration board consisting of found images, textures, colors and design elements.




We proposed many names which were inspired by the discovery results. Ultimately, it was our client’s passion for the Grateful Dead’s music that led us to the name Bask, borrowed from the lyrics of one of the group’s songs, which was the name they fell in love with.

Next, we created brand identity concepts, all developed using the same inspiration board that was influenced by the research and brand qualities. Tim and Lisa selected a logo and design direction which embodied a truly unique steakhouse dining experience, grounded by the brand essence words, Southern, Selective, and Surprising.

At Bask, guests enjoy incredible prime meats, with both dry- and wet-aged options. They get white tablecloth service without all the pretense. It’s an experience that’s as unique as our neighborhood and dishes that are seasonal, locally sourced, and decidedly Southern. 

Welcome to Bask. Not just a new steakhouse, but your new steakhome.

I’ll have to admit, in the beginning of the process I was unsure if the Reckon team really needed to do all the interviews and research they proposed versus just understanding my idea of what I wanted the restaurant to be. However, it became quite clear that their deep understanding of what fueled me as an individual and what my existing guests loved about my current restaurant enabled them to generate thoughts and ideas I would have never even dreamt of. Not only was the process eye-opening, but it was thoroughly refreshing and even fun!

Tim Stevens • Bask Steakhouse & From the Earth Brewery