BrandsMart USA

Evolving A Legacy Brand to Compete In New Markets

The Situation

Shopping at a BrandsMart USA store harkens back to the days of visiting Sears or Service Merchandise at the height of their popularity. BrandsMart USA is a store filled with aisle after aisle of a variety of products—a refreshing change from clicking through countless pages on your computer. This nostalgic experience, coupled with the brand equity they’ve built in Florida and Georgia, offered us the challenge of evolving the brand without ostracising their existing fans as they launch new stores throughout the US.

Our Approach

As with any brand evolution, we guided their leadership through our discovery and definition process to achieve alignment with all key stakeholders on what the brand has represented and where we’d like to take it as new stores are launched throughout the country. Having identified and documented their brand qualities (voice, tone, essence, archetype, etc.), we moved into logo evolution concepts and defined new design elements as we created various brand visuals.




Retaining BrandsMart USA’s core colors of red, white and blue, we produced a new logo mark that felt more like it belonged at the table with their competition.

In addition to evolving their logo, we worked closely with their leadership to create various in-store graphics and signage, gift cards, environmental designs for the new store’s warehouse, billboards, social graphics, animated videos, truck wraps, radio spots, and a broadcast commercial announcing the new store’s grand opening.

Founded in 1977, the BrandsMart USA brand has had amazing success in Florida and Georgia, but needed to evolve to be competitive in new markets as we roll out new stores. With little knowledge of who BrandsMart USA is in these markets, we also needed Reckon to create messaging that immediately helped our new audiences understand all that BrandsMart USA has to offer.

The team at Reckon interviewed existing and new brand stakeholders to secure valuable insights into what has made BrandsMart USA so successful, and clarified a path for how we wanted the brand to grow. Not only did they help create alignment among all of our team members as we move forward, but they developed an updated brand design that was respectful of the legacy brand but is much more modern and relevant.

Kaylin Durham • BrandsMart USA
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer