Travis Sharp
Creative Director

Originally from Nashville, Travis is a lifelong creator. His obsessions with drawing, writing, music, and performance convinced him at a young age that advertising was the industry to bring them all together. A graduate of the world renowned Portfolio Center, he’s brought his Creative Direction to firms in London, New York, and Atlanta. Travis can’t stop creating when he’s not at Reckon—in his free time he’s an improv comic, actor, and playwright.

Creative passions

Improv comedy, playwriting, guitar, painting, tabletop roleplay gaming.

New thing I’m learning

Virtual reality marketing.

Next thing I’m curious about

Dance. I’m serious.

Hidden skill

Songwriting. I’ve written jingles for dozens of brands and have three albums on Spotify.

Favorite life hack

Write copy like you’re writing to a friend. It will sing!

Favorite thing about the South