Heather Malone
Senior Designer

Originally from Biloxi, Heather is a small town girl who is a bit of a gypsy, wandering from Key West to D.C. to Arizona. Heather graduated from Mississippi State University with majors in Photography and Graphic Design, which combined her love of nature and creativity. Her passion is making the world a better place through storytelling design. She is a big-picture thinker, consummate helper, and team player at Reckon. Heather’s background in publication design and over twenty years of freelance experience allows her to be extremely versatile, handling everything from large campaigns to quick-turn projects.

Creative passions

Gardening, cooking, creating face and body scrubs from natural food ingredients.

New thing I’m learning

The deconstruction of letterforms.

Next thing I’m curious about

Marketing my own natural body scrubs!

Hidden skill

Emotional intelligence. OK, maybe it’s not so hidden.

Favorite life hack

Keep Orajel in your purse at all times—it also numbs bug bites, cuts, and blisters instantly.

Favorite thing about the South

Waving at strangers as you pass them.